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Aggressive affective representation for all drunk

driving cases including felony drunk driving cases. Avoid Jail. Retain your License.

The Gary Sanfield Law Firm defends first time or repeat drunk driving offenders in all district and circuit courts. Our attorneys' specialize in drunk driving offenses and will take prompt action get your case under control and to obtain a favorable result. We have succesfully represented thousands of drunk driving cases and have thousands of satisfied clients.

  • OWI first and OWI second

  • OWI third (felony)

  • DUI and DWI, DUI III

  • OWI third (felony)

  • Super drunk (operating with the high BAC .17% or more)

  • chemical test refusals (implied consent appeals)

  • OUID / Operating under the influence of drugs (illegal drugs, prescribed drugs and marijuana)

  • Possesion of marijuana

  • Child endangerment

  • Offenses involving an injury or death

Drunk Driving and related services

If you are charged with any drunk driving or felony drunk driving offense (OWI, DUI, DUI III, high BAC), or driving under the influence of drugs (OUID), The Gary Sanfield Law Firm will manage your case and help you regain your sanity and protect your rights. Get immediate answers to your pressing questions. Same day appointments available with an attorney who specializes in drunk driving.

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  • Drivers license restoration and appeals

  • DWLS (driving while license is suspended / revoked)

  • Probation violations

  • Traffic tickets

  • Loss of license

  • Operating after revocation

  • Hit and run


  • Equipment violation

  • Speeding

  • Reckless driving

  • Careless driving

Drunk driven DUI

5.0 stars

Posted by Caitlin

January 7, 2016


I was without a license for 7 years due to 2 DUI's and spent thousands of dollars on lawyers, court fees and probation. I had a few violations with the breathalyzer in my car once I got my restricted license that were mechanical issues and Secretary of State started my year over 3 times without any credit. I hired Gary to take on my case and he got my case into circuit court and I received a full restoration. Gary has a lot of connects in the court system and he is worth every penny!