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I've used him in the past for minor things such as moving violations, he always got me off with no points on my record, so when I got into a bad situation I hired him and beat the system and he did hands down thee best around !



July 22, 2016

Best Secretary of State for me!

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Where do I start , I've had a 20 year relationship with Gary sanfield and has made me feel like I was family over the years .. I've never had a case where I was disappointed and he's always went the extra mile for me . Answered all my questions , was always there when I needed him and ALWAYS made me feel at ease !! I can remember the first time he represented me I was a wreck when I came into his office , with tears in my eyes and butter flies in my stomach he assured me that everything was gonna be ok and that he would take care of it . After hearing my results and seeing the hard work he put in for me I new I had the right attorney and every since then when I walk into his office I have a totally different attitude and no longer worry knowing he's in my corner !! Over the years I've accured many cases and every one of them have had proven results .. I highly recommend Gary r sanfield to anyone that' accurers a case and cares about there freedom or record ..



February 16, 2016

Freedom is price less


As a Junior college student looking to graduate, I was scared, anxious, and not wanting to go back to jail facing my second OWI offense as well as a second DWLS charge. With that being said, I have had a few different lawyers in the past (none of which fought and reduced the anxiety of all of it as Gary). Gary went into these cases not afraid to win by connecting on a personal, professional, and real level through this terrible and extremely scary and anxiety inducing time. In the state of Michigan, OWI and DWLS offenses (1st and 2nd offenses) are tough, if there was one lawyer you could trust it would be from Gary R. Sanfield. (I would list 3rd but this was my second) I could not say it any further, if you are looking for a lawyer that has had 38 years of experience go with Gary R. Sanfield.



February 4, 2016

A lawyer with over 38 years of experience that fought for my freedom.


Right from the start Gary and his staff proved to be very accommodating and patient with regards to availability and my questions regarding the legal process from start to finish. Gary handled all legal documents, court appearances and prep work with the highest level of concern for the best outcome not only for me as his client but for all involved (divorce case). He and his staff had an eye for the fine details. His personable interest and sincere concern spoke volumes to me. I would highly recommend Gary Sanfield.



December 31, 2015

Top Quality Legal Representation


Mr. Sanfield helped me in my license restoration hearing. The results were surpassing and I would not hesitate to use him again. He is absolutely committed and confident to winning your case.



October 24, 2014



Gary Sanfield helped myself and my family during some hard times. He was very prompt in communicating with me, and he actually waited for me to get off work to meet in his office after business hours!!! Mr. Sanfield is my lawyer for a reason: HE FIGHTS FOR HIS CLIENTS!!!!! I recommend that if you have ANY legal issues that my arise, call Gary Sanfield IMMEDIATELY!!! You can sleep at night knowing that your problems WILL be solved.



August 15, 2014

Gary Sanfield is my lawyer for a reason


Gary did a great job with my case! He helped me out tremendously in a timely, professional, efficient manner. Without his help, I would not be back on track to bettering my life. I deeply appreciate the work he did for me. Mr. Sanfield has a great rapport with the people he needs to know, treats you as a person and not a case number, and even his secretary is a very friendly, nice person! I would not recommend anyone else other than Mr. Sanfield for any of your legal problems.



July 15, 2014

Excellent service


Hired Gary for my bankruptcy. He did a great job, especially as there were some issues that could have caused some problems but he was able to help me out and everything went smoothly. His secretary kept me informed during the whole process. Gary definitely knows his stuff, would recommend for sure!



May 20, 2014

Great attorney-Would recommend for Bankruptcy


Gary recently handled my personal bankruptcy. From our free initial consultation until completion, Gary and his secretary showed their interest in my case, answered all of my questions, and made me feel comfortable with my decision when I doubted that I could proceed and come out OK at the end.

Gary advised me about every detail concerning what to do and how the case would proceed to its completion.


Both Gary and his secretary are professionals and know what they are doing. If I ever need an attorney again, I would call Gary and ask for his advice. I would recommend everyone else do the same!!!

Thank You Gary and secretary for helping me make a new start.



March 8, 2014

The only attorney you will need.


Gary is a great guy and was very helpfull throughout the legal process. He helped me get divorced and obtain full custody of my two minor children, which is not easy for a father in Macomb County!! I have recommended him to family and friends with great success. Also, his prices are very reasonable and flexible regarding payments. I can't say enough good things about Gary. I only gave him 5 stars because 6 stars wasn't an option. I wish I knew him before I had hired other attorneys in the past.



September 18, 2013

I strongly recommend Gary Sanfield, he is very knowledgable and experienced which proved successful in my custody / divorce case


Gary Sanfield is the best lawyer ive ever worked with, and i know lawyers. I almost gave up on my case until Gary stepped in as my lawyer. He worked with me letting me pay payments, has done everything i requested, gary has worked miricals in my case. I seriously recommend Gary to be hired by you if you need miricals done in your case. great guy to talk to with an amazing secertary to always keep you informed of any new information. When to me it seems most lawyers only care about money, Gary cares about winning, hes motivated, n determined not to lose and to fight until your happy. Gives the best adivce...gary has been a lawyer for 35 years and is very very smart and knows the court room like the back of his hand. Gary pays attention to the smallest of details and will not be fooled by anyone. I highly suggest if you are in doubt, or feeling down on your luck you go and see gary, He get things DONE, Handles his business..when my case started i thought i was going to prison to be honest and now im looking like i will not even go to jail. And Because of the great job Gary has done for me the last year of my life has been great and now i can move on with my life with no burden on my shoulders..


Mike B

February 17, 2013

Gary Sanfield, amazing lawyer, amazing person..affordable.


Gary represented me in a divorce proceeding. Although I did not keep him for the entire proceeding, Gary was honest, responsible and intelligent. Gary is an excellent lawyer who will win if there is any possible way of winning for you. Gary pointed out to the court where there was a conflict of interest and misrepresentation of my case. Gary doesn't give up and take your money. Gary is one of those few attorneys you can count on, because years of experience has not drained him of his sense of honor and duty to his clientelle. As a veteran of the United States Army, and having served with Special Forces, I can honestly say Gary is an excellent fighter. He knows his battlefield very well.



September 24, 2011

Integrity,dignity, and truth


Gary is a Great Lawyer I have used him 5 Different times for Speeding tickets DWLS and he got me off every time. Also used for Chaper 7 no issuses at all. I would Recommend him to anyone.



March 16, 2011

Great lawyer


I have had Mr. Sanfield represent me on two matters and found him to be very competent, with an excellent knowledge of the law. He agrued my case with conviction which resulted in an excellent outcome.



October 9, 2010

Great Attorney


Mr. Sanfield did a GREAT job for me when I needed him. I have known Mr. Sanfield for about 12 years when he first represented me. He did a GREAT job for me. I hired him to help me again the second time and he once again did a GREAT job for me. I have nothing but good things to say about Mr. Sanfield he was there for me when I needed a lawyer to represent me. I would highly recomend Mr. Sanfield if you need a lawyer.



October 2, 2010

Great Lawyer


Mr. Sanfield was excellent representing me with regards to a driver's license appeal with the Secretary of State.



September 29, 2010

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4-STARS Gary Sanfield Law Firm Testimonials

A great Law Firm helping me with all my law needs. I gained parenting time and joint custody, both physical and legal for my daughter, which is hard to do. Also helping me with business matters with my business. Thanks for the help


Danny B

December 2019


Gary's been my attorney for over 20 years. Family, criminal everything. He is definitely the man who will make your troubles disappear. I would never see anyone else.


Jay G

July 2019


Mr.Sanfield is a very good professional lawyer. I hired him to help my son with a DWI. He even kept his office open later to wait for us to discuss our problem. It was a reasonable rate and he will. Let you make payments. He got my son a good Deal with no jail time and a 3 month restricted license. This was my son's first offense . He will have to see a probation officer and be on probation for 6 months. All. In all Mr. Sanfield helped him through a very trying time. Will hire again. Thank you


Maria G

February 2019


I have used Gary for over 18 years and will not go to anyone else. If you want your case handled Gary is the go to lawyer. Very professional and handles all different type of cases. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to win.


Mark D

January 2019


If you find yourself in trouble with a DUI, Mr. Sanfield is a great choice. He was able to get me everything I asked for from my case, worked with me when I couldn't come up with money right away, and was quick in his communication. Would recommend to anyone.


Kurt N

February 2018


Excellent attorney


Shantelle N

February 2018